Monday, November 13, 2006


So I’m Googeling around looking for information about commercial invoices. What value do you have to use on the goods shipped if it’s prototypes? I started reading this one site when I notice a text in the lower left hand corner. It’s a Buddha quotation. “What we think we are. The mind is everything. All we are is the result of what we have thought.” Quite a strange thing to put on a business site. Never the less it got me thinking. The power of the mind is incredible. If we smile or laugh it sends signals to our brains that we are happy. “What we think we are”. So when ever my depressing thoughts take over my brain: that’s what I am. This is true of course.

Or is it simply saying “perception is reality”?

Earlier this week I ordered a book called the power of nice. I like nice. Try to live by it myself. There are times however when nice can be too much for some people though it seams. As I’m happily walking around in the grocery story one evening, this man walks up to me. He looks like a perfectly normal man in his 40ies. He points down at my cart and asks “Did you find those sodas here? I’ve never seen them before. What are they?”. Instead of being a normal low-key Swede trying to avoid any contact with strangers, it was if someone has asked me to be in a TV ad! I took up my Mountain Dew and held it as if I had to show it to the camera. It’s only sold in certain stores with a “US-corner” where you also find Ranch dressing and marshmallow fluff. I told him everything there is to know about this drink. But either the guy was very shy or in a hurry. He hardly looked me in the eyes, sort of backed away from me and tries to hurry off. I wasn’t quite done with my Mountain Dew campaign and shout after him “and it contains loads of caffeine!”.

It got me thinking of this show on TV now called The Singles Coaches where they teach people with low self-esteem how to approach someone they want to date. One of the tip the coaches had for one of the guys where that “it’s ok to walk up to the girl in the park who is reading, and ask what she is reading”. Maybe this guy thought asking about my sodas was a good way to make contact? He just wasn’t prepared for my nice-campaign! Sometimes I think nice can be too nice.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


What if it’s true? That we are born with a void inside. And have to spend the rest of our lives to fill it. If we don’t find something with substance, we’ll just have to keep filling that hole. Cause we’ll always feel that emptiness inside. That’s why we become addicts. We didn’t find something with enough mass. One person is a work-o-holic, the next is looking for love in all the wrong places, someone might try to shop herself happiness, or just plain old alcohol abuse to lessen the emptiness. Is this why most of us are starving for attention and recognition?

What is there with enough substance to make me feel whole?

For religious people it seams easier. They probably don’t have to search for a purpose. It’s given to them.

A lot of times it feels like music fill up that emptiness. It fills me with what ever mood the music puts me in. Same with exercise and using my body for strenuous activities. (I don’t want to use the word “sports”, because I am too much of a competitive person and personally don’t like the element of competition in sports.) Eating a well prepared meal also seam to satisfy me.

But the music become silent, most of the times I’m too tired or too lazy to exercise and I’m not that good of a cook.

I still feel that void.