Wednesday, January 10, 2007

open mind

I am no longer worried that the species will become extinct! Not from lack of trying to couple up at least. Maybe from the change in the environment, but that’s another topic. Men and their positive view of themselves and their fearless attempt to find a partner will make sure mankind prevail.

How do I know this? I signed up for internet dating. Or is it called finding a date through the internet? I don’t think we are supposed to virtually date.

You know all the things you’d like to have in a mate. How they go out the window as soon as you fall in love. Cause then they don’t seem that important anymore. Some of them probably are important though if you want to be able to have a life-long relationship. Curly hair, dark socks with dark shoes and stuff like that are probably things you can drop off the list. I was more thinking values and things that matters when life’s hard knocks are upon the relationship and ourselves.

When you sign up for this you get to make a list of all the things you want in a mate. I figured I might as well be very specific here. Religion, politic, education, children, exercise habits, interests and even an age range although in real life I do not discriminate on age. Same with height. I gave some height requirements so that I can wear stiletto heals without being a head taller than the man. Not as important to me in real life. To really weed out the heard I wrote that I like to dance to techno music until wee hours in the morning. Thought this would scare some of the less all-round guys off. Boy was I wrong!

Seriously: if a man had written that he did not want any contact with a 5’8” blond – I would not contact him. Guys don’t seam to work this way. Even when they don’t match a single thing on my list, they still contact me (obviously not all of them, but some). This is very flattering ofcourse – don’t get me wrong! But it kind of defeats the purpose of what I though was net-dating (netting?). It’s no easier than in real life. And you don’t get to know the most important things of all: how their voice sound and how their personal scent affects you…

This was not a good idea.