Monday, January 23, 2006


I so miss the outdoors activities of my Tahoe days! There where always plenty of people who wanted to go skiing or snowboarding in the winter. Even if I went to the slopes alone, I never had to take many runs by my self. There are so many friendly skiers on the slopes to hang with. Or just sit and catch a tan and talk to people by the lunch hangout in the middle of the slope. And I do have a thing for skiers I must admit. If I see a guy on the slopes: I’m usually sold right away. There have been some unpleasant surprises though when meeting these cool skiers in the hot-tub at the local gym. People who look good in ski-gear are not necessarily hot in shorts…

Or take hiking. Tahoe is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to, and even the small and easy hikes are amazing. And living in Tahoe, you are surrounded by people who are happy to go hiking with you. Any day of the week actually, since most folks there work in the tourist industry and have “weekend” on all kinds of days of the week. Such a difference from being in Sweden. You have to have known the person for at least three generations before you can ask if they want to go hiking with you. Or you are being looked upon as a total wacko for imposing on other people’s spare time. I’m serious!

Biking is another thing I miss. Biking I don’t mind doing on my own since you can’t speak a lot when you bike anyway. My challenge is my sense of directions. Or lack thereof rather. Tahoe was easy. There is like one road around Lake Tahoe and one road that goes to Truckee. Not even I can get lost there! And for the Flume trail and other cool rides: I went with friends. And another good thing is that I started the ride from my house. No getting the bikes into the car and driving somewhere. Here in Stockholm I would feel very silly on a mountain-bike until I reached the outskirts. Stockholm people ride city bikes in the city. Dressed in suits and mini skirts. Not in helmets and bike pants all sweaty like I do. I know, I know: it’s ok to be different. But it’s boring to be extremely different and not having someone to chit-chat and plan the trip with. So for now I’m letting my mom borrow my new mountain-bike with good chocks. She lives in the country ofcourse.

So why do I absolutely want to live in a city? Because it’s fantastic! Although my image might be that I’m a sporty person: I actually suck at sports. My genetic composition is perfect for sports, and that’s probably why I can get a way with that image (until I have to fess up…). I can’t STAND being around people who only have one interest and one interest only. At least not for a long time (a few years’ tops…). It’s fascinating with talented people and almost regardless of the talent: it’s quite alluring actually. But not if it’s the same thing day out and day in. I want all my senses to be stimulated. Challenge me with new music, old literature, fancy art, crazy plays, exhausting jogging laps and a million other things! I’m talking to myself here ofcours. There is not going to be anyone else that will give me these challenges. I have to seek them out by myself, some with help of friends, some alone. Isn’t that the biggest challenge of all: living and knowing that you are on your own. If you don’t do it: it’s not going to happen.

When do I get to take a break from life?!


Blogger ~Deb said...

Never. Never take a break from life. Live your life as if it were your last day on earth.

Skiing? Hmmm...I'm bad enough on my own two feet...and well...I don't have the greatest legs (in my opinion) but I have one helluva booty! (ha)

Anyway, there's an appealing aspect with skiing, ...for me? It's the hot coa-coa and the fire burning down at the lodge.

See you down there!


2:21 PM  
Blogger Åsa said...

Or instead of hot-chocolate you could try coffee with a shot of Baily's in it. Gives you a whole new perspective on skiing, doesn't it ;-)

4:25 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

MMMMM! I LOVE that!!! In fact, I was planning on having that this evening! You know me all too well!

7:15 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Then I can go out skiing drunk---and break both my legs... Hmmm...wait...I can just do that sober.

Never mind.

7:15 AM  

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