Monday, September 05, 2005

getting lost - finding my way back

What a Blair Witch Project experience I had today! My vacation was meant to be a boot-camp for me to get where I want to be: run and go to the gym every day. Watch what you wish for, it might just come true... Since I'm not the fastest runner and definitely not in shape, but had decided to be serious about the boot-camp vacation: I decided to take the 8K trail. Hellas is a beautiful place just 10 minutes outside Stockholm with lots of trails of different lengths and a lake to go swim in afterwards. So I brought my running companion Simon (on the picture) and we started running. It felt so good and at times it felt like I was flying! I did fly a couple of times actually, where I ended up face first on the ground. Now I'll have some "cool" scars to show from my boot-camp experience... After running way too long I realised that something was not right. Each year they re-mark the trails to new ones so the runners won't get bored. It seams like I had taken an old trail this time. Two hours later I actually came to something close to civilisation: a small parking lot. I called my dad. He was in a meeting. An old man - deaf on his right ear - walked by. I asked for the way to Hellas. "Follow me and I'll show you where the trail starts" he kindly offered. He walked me back to where I had been not that long ago. I had two options: run back the same way from where I came or go back to the parking lot where I had lost the blue dots on the trees that marked the trail. "You know what you have but not what you'll get" my head was telling me, so Simon and I started running the long way back. Another hour passed and I really got Blair Witch vibes since it's just trees everywhere you look (dhu! we're in a forest!) and we had been there before. When we finally reached a place where I had been many times and knew how to get on to the road where the car was parked: my dad called. He's meeting was over. Even though it was probably no more than 2K to where I had parked the car: Simon and I gladly accepted my dad's offer and sat down on the side of the road until he picked us up. My 8K run ended up being a 4hr adventure deep in the woods!

I think getting lost in the woods is where I am in life as well. I don't know if the best route is to follow the trail back home again or if I should try to find where the blue dots starts up again and go that way instead. I love Stockholm where I have my family and friends, but I don't know if it can give me all the experiences I long for. Right now, New York city is on top of my wish list. But as with my running today: will a few years in NYC just bring me to the starting point: only way too late? I wish there was someone I could call to pick me up so I don't have to walk that long way back if it's not getting me any ware, anyway.


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