Sunday, November 20, 2005


Surely we have all had moments that we wish could last forever. Or at least bottle up and save for a sad or rainy day. I know I have had plenty of those. A lot of them happened when nature have surpassed my most vivid imaginations of beauty and excellence. As when you have been hiking up a mountain and when reaching the top you can see what’s on the other side and it makes you catch your breath! Or start running on a trail in woods you have never been in before. A path where the leaves have changed color to yellow, orange and red, and form a beautiful colored portal that smells wonderful. If the air is full of oxygen – if it just rained for instance – than the whole running experience will be something to savor! Those moments. The nature moments I always want to bottle up and save for a day when I need to be reminded of the beautiful things around us.

Music also creates those moments. Certain songs give me Goose bumps! It could be the lyrics, the voice or the melody. Or even just a few notes of those. A lot of times, the song can help bring back – at least the memory of – the moment. That’s not always a good thing though. Breaking up with a guy is usually hard enough as it is. Basically every single song they play on the radio is about love. How uplifting is that to hear when your heart is aching and feel like you will never love again? It’s like being forced to fast before an operation or something, and have to spend the entire time in a gourmet food store. Painful!

Sitting in a concert hall or at the opera, when the lights are dimming and the orchestra starts playing: that is a moment I wish could last forever! Thankfully enough, it’s not difficult to recreate. It’s just go to another concert and opera basically.

And then there are people. With some people you get to have moments you wish could last forever. I think that’s why people get married: in hope to have that moment – if not every day, so at least: - many more times forever after. Good moments become an addiction. Once you have one: you want more. It’s like you never want to go to bed (or fall asleep…) cause than you might miss it. Or if the moment is over a cup of coffee or maybe a burger: you want that coffee or food to last forever. Cause who knows what will happen after that. Was it just the moment that was good? Or was it because of the person you where with? It’s like with first dates. Mine have almost with out exception been wonderful. Both people are curious, want to make a good impression, old enough not to be too nervous and it’s usually in a nice setting. If I had died driving away from one of those dates, I would have died happy cause I thought I met the perfect man for me. But reality is that when times are good and the party is on: you can feel connected with almost anyone. That just doesn’t count. It’s who you want to be with every morning and when the car breaks down, when your co-workers have been nasty, when you just feel like watching TV in your sweats and well, you get the picture. When things are not fantastic and glowing: that’s what counts. Who do you want by your side: both walking along on a fantastic beach in the sunset and when the wind blows so hard you can barely stay on the path? That’s your moment person.


Blogger ~Deb said...

Okay, as you can tell, I’m pretty much addicted to your blog. Addicted to moments. It’s funny, because I always use the term, “They’re addicted on the excitement.” Which is basically the same concept.

I used to be an excitement addict. I would look for ‘lust’ that I thought was love. I spent a few years with a person whom I’m not sure if I loved or lusted after—but I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the memories that we made. I don’t care if it was lust—there were great moments that I can remember—that I never want to let go of. Of course, the relationship was so up and down, that it was becoming unhealthy. We still remained friends, but I’ll never forget those moments.

I believe that’s the reason why so many people break up. They want that ‘excitement’---the moment to last. When the moment is over—they think the relationship has to end. Create moments—make it happen. Just like your most recent post- you said, “Just don’t hope—make it happen.” I think that applies here as well. I’m reading from top to bottom here with your blog—so bear with me here.

Another great post. Have you ever thought about writing professionally? You probably already do—but if you don’t…I think you’d be great at it!

6:47 AM  
Blogger Åsa said...

I guess that's the hard part: figuring out if it's the unhealty moment/excitement-addiction, or if it's a healty love-realationship that gives us the high.

11:47 AM  

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