Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Who has mastered the art of communicating? Is that a mystery forever unknown to mankind – or maybe just to me? “Drunk behind the wheels of possibility” (Fastball) is one of my favorite lines because it’s just so ME! Conversations are just like that: you know there is potential – MAYBE you will get your point across to the other person. But as when you are drunk: no matter how hard you try, you will still not make sense. Not make sense might be to strong of a statement, so let me try to explain. We all have different frames of reference. Even siblings growing up in the same family have basically grown up in different environments. The first born lives a few years as an only child and gets ALL the attention, just to have that taken away the instant the next child is born. That child always had someone else around to entertain – at least when they where very young. Entertain or get beat up by. Never the less: something entirely different.

Not only do we have different environments growing up: it’s the man/woman thing as well. There is research supporting that men and women’s brains are different. No wonder it’s so hard to communicate between the sexes! Sometimes talking to men feels like trying to bounce a basket-ball that doesn’t have enough air. No matter how hard I try: it just won’t reach the heights I want. Or do I not try had enough? Maybe even before the conversation glide towards a more delicate direction, I have shot it down. Probably. There are so many things on the road of life that has molded who we are and how we view our surroundings. But actually it's just an encounter between individuals. This is how a relationship starts: a meeting. A meeting with another person who you get to explore by having them talk, and you talk: about yourselves and everything else. It has to be "chicken shit" talk at first. You just can't blurt out that you think about death and are scared of ghosts (or what ever secret you might have). This would make anyone turn and run. I think that's one of my challenges, to understand that it's just that at first: chicken shit to get to know the other person lightly. It confuses me. When are we supposed to let the other person know more about ourselves? How long will it take before the other person opens up to you? Not until we reach that point will we know if the feeling is mutual. Up until then: all we can do is keep talking.


Blogger Philip Asp said...

The nail on the head, but...BUT not until you speak the truth noone else will. The hardest thing in the world is to do what you love and say what you mean, but...BUT when you do just that people will admire, laugh and cry with you. The essence of life!

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