Monday, November 28, 2005

happy-go-lucky kind of person

Today was one of those lucky days again! I am a truly lucky person actually. But on the other hand, if I wasn’t so oblivious, I wouldn’t need so much luck. It’s mostly non-structured, clumsy people who need luck. Right? You can get somewhere with hard work and determination, or you can be lucky. Statistically there is such a thing as unlucky people, so there must be lucky folks out there as well.

It’s Monday morning and the first snow is falling. And everybody who has ever been in a city when the first snow fall knows what happens: chaos. Car accidents, canceled trains, and frozen people to just name a few. Lucky for me I had managed to park my car very close to my house when I came home on Friday night. Only it wasn’t there. Very strange. Since I’m not a “car person” – I can only recognize a few older once like Volvo P1800, Ford Mustang (1966-1968), Jaguar and Citroen etc – I don’t always find my car until I see the license plate. Or maybe it’s because I have a Saab that looks like a Volvo. Who knows. So I wonder around in the heavy snowfall and try to read license plates hidden under what just looks like snow-piles. Nothing. As I’m already late and have meetings and a long day ahead in the office, I take the bus instead. Although my workday was hectic, I did manage to call the police and report the car stolen.

The work day was long and didn’t even give me time to fix my social calendar (AKA calling and chitchatting with friends). We work as a team and three of us stayed until about ten when I called a cab that drove around town and dropped us off. When I get to my street I realize its “cleaning day” (parking not permitted) for the streets around my apartment complex, and it would be very easy to find an abandoned car… And my luck is back! My car has been safely parked outside the police station all weekend and all day today – since that’s where I left in on Friday. Well, what can I say? I’m just a lucky person I guess.


Blogger Casually Me said...

I would rather be lucky, than be good. Great blog, it would make a nice Seinfeld episode. Thanks for the blog.

2:53 PM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

I'd rather be lucky having a girl like you leaning on my car.

Did I say that outloud?

I think I knocked something over somewhere... eek

6:40 AM  

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