Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Same friend – different year

Starting the morning with a car chase perks me right up! Or bus chase rather as the case was on Saturday morning. I was invited to spend the weekend at my friend’s island in the Stockholm archipelago. I knew that the conditions would be quite Spartan out there, so I had made preparations and packed a couple of bottles of wine, tons of chocolate and other life-necessities. Since the weather was going to be fabulous, I was dressed quite casual in just a small top and linen-pants. After doing some last minute strawberry shopping I realize I was not going to make it to the bus if I took the subway. It is summer after all and the trains and buses don’t go as often. So I get into a cab and ask if he can get me to the bus in three minutes. “Not likely, but we can give it a try” he answers. “My driving might be a little less smooth if we try though” the driver added and took off. I swerved with my luggage all over the back seat – but we still didn’t make it. “Try to catch him at the next stop” I hollered from the backseat and he but the gas pedal to the floor once more. Well the bus had already left that stop, but we caught up with him and followed him. We stopped behind the bus when one of the bridges was opening – or so we thought. “Run out and ask if he lets you on here at the bridge” the driver suggested. So I ran out and darted towards the bus. People who are not used to Stockholm bus drivers probably don’t know how matriculate they are with rules and stuff. There is no way a bus driver lets you on unless you are at an actual bus stop. Many times I have ran alongside the bus until I get to the next stop because I live between two stops and for some reason always get out when the bus is at a red-light after the first stop. Not fun to do in high-heals, I tell ya! But it was worth a shot here. But before I reach the bus, the bridge starts going down and the cars starts driving again. So I turn and run back to the cab. As I’m doing this I notice that my pants are hiked down a bit and my not so attractive thongs are showing. Not just the undies, but the skin between the rim of them and the pants. No, I’m not showing buttocks or anything, but the undies are dated pre the low ride pants era and the linen pants where – well… just not tied tight enough at the hips. What a site for sore eyes this Saturday morning! Oh well. The taxi cuts the bus off at the next stop and I run out to ask the driver to wait just half a minute. Cause I didn’t have cash – only credit card. I didn’t tell the bus driver that though. Bless the Swedish cabs for taking all credit cards! I finally get all my stuff on the bus and the driver is furious! How could I be so rude and let all this people wait! I’m glad he didn’t through me off the bus actually.

After an hour on the uncomfortable bus with the angry driver I was finally at my stop. My friend picked me up in a small motorboat and we drove to her island. The horrid morning very soon disappeared as we enjoyed the sun and the rocks. For you who don’t know: the rocks by the water is smooth in Sweden due to the ice tides a couple of thousands of years ago (or how ever long ago). The rocks have sunken-in parts where it’s just perfect to lie down like in a beach-chair. Wine and strawberries for a late lunch, discussing all important life issues and reading our books. And the sun doesn’t set in Sweden during the summer. The only thing that was missing where a couple of stallions by our side. Or maybe not. I have never dated a guy who wanted to just lie next to me in the sun all day and being happy just laying there. They always wanted to do something. Like beach-volley ball, play in the water or anything but just lay still. Either I’ve just dated hyperactive guys, or I’ve never dated anyone who where infatuated enough by me to be happy just laying next to me and gaze into my eyes and occasionally help me put sunscreen lotion all over my body. I’m leaving this topic now. I will just let myself believe that they have just been normal hyperactive guys.

We did this for two days and when I got home on Sunday I was truly relaxed! My vacation starts on Thursday evening and usually I’m extremely stressed before I go off to vacation. But not this time! The Stockholm peninsula is the place to be in the summer. Everybody you see are tanned and good looking! Not me though: I had my hair in a funny pony tail and my skin was like a palette of white, red and tanned. And my pants had wine spilled all over them and my cute top was full of sot or something. But who cares! Its summer and I love it!


Blogger mal said...

*L* great story on the bus chase!

Safe travels on your vacation *S*

5:18 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Great post! Sorry I have been away for a while. I hope you enjoy your vacation....and umm....if you need soft hands to apply that sunscreen lotion, give me a call? ;)

6:51 PM  
Blogger Åsa said...

Girls! Thanks for reading my blog when it’s summer and all! I’m just back “at shore” to check e-mails and stuff real quick. I’m hoping to have some more thoughts to share in a while as well.

And Deb: very generous offer there

6:32 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

It's not a generous offer....it's simply self-serving. ;)

Hope you're doing well, and we get more fascinating stories from you!


7:25 AM  

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